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Here's some Keeva and Aurelius chilling

started watching kipo and the age of wonderbeasts yesterday and i already love that show SO much, for several reasons:

(slight spoiler below!)

- it is SO fucking pretty. the colors?? the style??? AMAZING

- it's literally almost exclusively characters of color. in fact i think every single mc so far has been a poc. what other show has the courage to do that

- not only that, but one of the main characters is gay. like within the first five or six episodes they made it canon. he said outright that he's gay, and then a few episodes after that we see him actually get a crush on another boy!!!! my fucking heart!!!!!!!

ive only gotten up to the end of season one so far but this show SLAPS and i HIGHLY recommend

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racism cw

(about the moderate livelihood fishery in nova scotia)

it's so disgusting to see how the police and government take the sides of white terrorists rather than defending the people of colour who the white terrorists threaten

when native americans defend the land and the water from oil and gas companies destroying it, the police won't hesitate to violently attack us

but when hundreds of white terrorists destroy the property of native americans, set fire to our buildings, set fire to our vehicles, destroy our boats and lobster traps, and threaten to kill us, the police just stand around and watch

my people are just trying to fish a very small amount compared to how much the non-native commercial fishermen fish, so that we can make a moderate livelihood. we've been fishing long before the white people invaded, and we know how to do it sustainably. yet the commercial fishermen, these terrorists, claim they're violently protesting us in the name of "conservation."

and many stores now are even refusing to serve us, to serve native americans, because of the events going on

racism sits comfortably in canada, racism sits comfortably in nova scotia

here's a CBC article about what's going on right now

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Here is a list of ressources (news, education, email templates, donation links, supplies needed, etc.) to support